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The objective of this review was to identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness of building inspection services provided by Toronto Building. The review also assessed compliance with legislative requirements as well as
established Divisional policies and procedures.

  • Key issues identified in our report relate to the following areas:
  • No inspection of 98,000 permits for over a year in 2012
  • No inspection of 70 per cent of open violations
  • Need to Strengthen Inspection Activity Monitoring Information
  • Classification of Building Inspection Results
  • Inspection Documentation is Inadequate and Inconsistent
  • Quality Assurance Process Needs Improvement
  • Annual Training Plan Should be Developed

This report contains 11 recommendations for improving building inspection services. Addressing the recommendations in this report will improve the quality of building inspection services, assist the division in complying with legislative requirements and ensure City-wide practices are consistent with established policies and procedures.