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The Auditor General

Beverly Remeo-Beehler - City of Toronto Auditor General
  • Beverly Romeo-Beehler


Beverly Romeo-Beehler’s expertise in public sector audit, oversight, transparency and accountability spans a 27-year career. Beverly has worked for Auditor General Offices across all three levels of Government.

As an Assistant Auditor General in BC she led national initiatives for Auditors General, including serving as Chair of the Auditor General National Performance Audit Conference and leading the National Audit Learning Network collaboration.

Beverly’s leadership in senior executive BC Government positions resulted in her receiving several high-profile leadership awards including awards from the Premier for ‘Service Excellence’ and ‘Organizational Transformation.’ Beverly also served as a senior reviewer of public complaints against the RCMP and worked with the National Defence Ombudsman in Ottawa.

Beverly is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA) and has received recognition for providing extraordinary service to the CMA profession. She is a non-practicing lawyer and holds a Juris Doctor and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She has completed the Director’s Education Program at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. She has received her Institute of Corporate Directors designation (ICD.D) and is Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF).

Beverly is a coal miner’s daughter from Cape Breton.

The Team

Our staff have a wide variety of professional backgrounds in addition to their specialized audit training and certifications. This combination of training and experience allows our office to conduct our audits in a more efficient and effective manner. The City of Toronto AG's office staff

Hanne Abada Audit Analyst BBA
Syed Ali Audit Director, IT and Strategy FCMA (ICMAP), CISSP, CCSA, MA (Econ)
Thusha Anandarajan Audit Manager BAS (Accounting)
Tara Anderson Assistant Auditor General BAcc (Hons)
Elaine Au Director, Forensic Unit CFF, DIFA
Dinishni Benetteraj Audit Analyst BBA
Jasmin Bhatia Senior Manager, Forensic Unit BSc (Hons)
Anil Bux Audit Manager CRMA, AGA (SA), BComt
Ina Chan Assistant Auditor General BMath, MAcc
Suzanna Chan Audit Manager MBA
Bruna Corbesi Senior Audit Manager BScN, MSc, IMBA
Bruno Galle Senior Audit Manager CRMA, CFI, ABCP, BBA
Faizan Hanif Audit Manager BCom (Hons) Accounting
Irene Hu Audit Manager MAcc
Kelvin Ko Audit Manager B.Math, CFA
Annie Lau Audit Manager BA
Patricia Lee Senior Audit Manager MAcc, DIFA
Cindy Li Auditor MBA, BBA
Elaine Lu Audit Manager BComm
Sean MacIntosh Director, Forensic Unit Bcom
Gawah Mark Senior Audit Manager BCom
Laura Micoli Communications & Research Associate BAA, P1
Saba Mohammed Audit Manager BBA, MBA, MAcc
Niroshani Movchovitch Senior Audit Manager BBA
Claire Mu Senior Audit Manager CFA, CPA (Illinois), MFin, MMPA, BA
Anh Nguyen Audit Analyst BCom
Serena Noh Auditor BMOS (Accounting)
Ruchir Patel Senior Audit Manager CPA (Delaware), MBA, B.Com
Angela Rafalovich Audit Manager BA
Beverly Romeo-Beehler Auditor General FCPA, FCMA, CFF, ICD.D, JD, BBA
Chong Ta Audit Analyst BComm
Celia Tao Auditor BA, MMPA
Laura Wright Advisor, Investigation and Strategic Comm. BJ, MFA
Celia Yeung Senior Audit Manager BBA