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This report provides information related to the results of the Auditor General’s 2014 audit of the use of service efficiency consultants which was included in the 2014 Audit Work Plan and a January 2015 Budget Committee request related to the implementation status of the KPMG City of Toronto – Shared Services Efficiency Study.

Auditor General’s 2014 Review of the Use of Service Efficiency Study Consultants

The Auditor General’s 2014 Audit Work Plan included a review of the use of consultants on Service Efficiency Studies. The overall objective of this audit was to determine whether the City received value for money from the Service Efficiency Studies. The audit also examined whether the consultant deliverables met the stated expectations of quality, price and timeliness.

Attachment 1 includes a cover report and the audit report prepared and signed by the previous Auditor General as well as management’s response to the recommendations contained in the report.

Management agrees with the four recommendations made in the report.

Request for Information – January 29, 2015

At the January 29, 2015 Budget Committee meeting, the Auditor General was requested to provide a status update on the implementation of recommendations related to the shared services initiative. One of the 22 consultant reports reviewed during this project related to shared services. This report provides information related to the City Shared Services Project and consultant’s shared service recommendations. The Auditor General included a project to monitor the progress of the City Shared Service Project in her 2015 Work Plan.