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This report presents the results of Phase Two of a two-part review of the City’s fleet operations conducted as part of the Auditor General’s 2004 Annual Work Plan. The Phase One report was tabled at the February 2004 Audit Committee meeting.

This report also responds to three other fleet-related referrals as follows:

A. Audit Committee’s request in February 2004 that “the Auditor General, in consultation with the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, report directly to Council on the number of vehicles rented by the City and their annual mileage, on a year-by-year basis, since amalgamation.” An initial response to this request in a report dated February 27, 2004 was forwarded to City Council at its meeting of April 15 and 16, 2004, indicating that further information would be provided in the Phase Two report;

B. Council’s request in April 2004 that “the Auditor General be requested to submit a further report to the Audit Committee providing further information regarding the lease cost continuing to escalate at the same time as the funding for the vehicle replacement program has been increased substantially” and

C. Council’s request in December 2003 for “the Auditor General to perform a detailed review of both the previous tender process and the administration of the awarding of the tender, including financial details and testing details.”