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The audit report entitled “311 Toronto – Full Potential for Improving Customer Service Has Yet to Be Realized” was presented to the Audit Committee at its November 23, 2011 meeting. In adopting the recommendations contained in the audit report, the Audit Committee requested the Auditor General to provide an interim progress report to the Audit Committee in June 2012 on the implementation of the recommendations.

The audit recommendations were adopted as amended by City Council at its February 6, 2012 meeting. In light of the relatively short time frame for staff to fully implement the 12 recommendations contained in the audit report, we believe it would be a more efficient use of audit resources to defer the assessment of the implementation status to 2013.

The implementation of the audit recommendations contained in the 311 Toronto audit report will be assessed in early 2013, and a separate report on the implementation status will be provided to the Audit Committee in the second quarter of 2013.

The Audit Committee Chair was consulted on the Auditor General’s decision to defer the interim progress report to 2013.