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A Toronto Fire Services fire truck seen driving with its lights flashing.

Cyberattacks are widely considered to be one of the most critical operational risks facing organizations. The Auditor General has taken a proactive approach in planning her audits and has included them in her annual work plans.

This Phase 2 report is an extension of our work that was underway when we issued our first report entitled “Auditor General’s Cybersecurity Review: Toronto Fire Services Critical Systems Review” and completes our review of critical systems at Toronto Fire Services (TFS).

At the February 2022 Audit Committee, TFS provided a public report with a confidential attachment on the implementation status of our Phase 1 recommendations. This report contains two administrative recommendations. The findings and recommendations from our Phase 2 review are contained in Confidential Attachment 1.

The Confidential Attachment 1 to this report involves the security of the property of the City of Toronto.