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A bird's eye view of Toronto downtown.

In accordance with Chapter 3 of the Toronto Municipal Code, the Auditor General is submitting her 2021 Operating Budget request to the Audit Committee for consideration and recommendation to City Council.

The attached report provides information relating to the Auditor General’s 2021 Operating Budget request of $6.651 million. This is slightly less than the base budget request last year and is equal to 1/20th of one per cent, or 0.05 per cent, of the City’s 2020 Approved Adjusted Budget. Within the requested base budget, the Auditor General is seeking to convert five temporary contract staff positions to permanent positions as part of an organizational restructure. This will result in a net zero budget impact; conversion costs will be absorbed in the base budget.

The budget request supports the Auditor General providing the same level of capacity to undertake value for money audits and investigations as in previous years. The Auditor General recognizes the City’s ongoing financial pressures, especially with a focus on identifying savings and/or efficiencies. That being said, the benefits of performance audits that the Auditor General brings are that much more valuable. As highlighted in the Auditor General’s Annual Reports, past audit reports have realized millions of dollars in cost savings, avoided costs, and identified revenue increases and new revenues.

The Auditor General’s 2021 Work Plan is being presented to the Audit Committee at the same meeting as this 2021 Budget Request.