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This report provides information relating to the 2015-2024 Capital Budget and Plan for the Auditor General’s Office.

The Auditor General’s Office has never submitted a capital request and it is anticipated that this will be the only capital request submitted during the current Auditor General’s seven-year term.

The Auditor General’s request is for $695,000 over the 10 year period for the state of good repair of the complaint management system and for the implementation of new audit management software.

1. The plan includes a request for $565,000 to be funded over a two year period for the development of a replacement fraud and waste complaint management system for the Auditor General’s Forensic Unit.

2. Audit management software at a cost of $130,000 that will improve staff efficiency in completing audits and result in the ability for staff to conduct and complete more audits.

The Forensic Unit is integral to the Auditor General’s Office and the fraud and waste complaint management database is a key component to enabling the Unit to conduct its work. The current database is nearing the end of its useful life and has limited functionality. The Auditor General will leverage the database system used by the Toronto Ombudsman’s Office and customize it to meet the unique needs of the Office.

Customizing the existing Ombudsman’s complaint management system is required to meet specific workflow and reporting requirements of the Auditor General’s Office. The replacement system will provide a secure environment to track, process and analyze fraud and waste allegations over the next 10 years.

In off-election years, the Auditor General’s budget is submitted to Audit Committee in November, prior to submission to the Budget Committee. Due to the election in 2014 and the compressed budget process time frame, this was not possible. The current process is consistent with the approach taken following the 2010 election.

Discussions were held with the City Clerk’s Office and it was determined that a direct submission of the 2015-2024 Capital Budget and Plan to Budget Committee would be appropriate.

The current Budget Chief and the former Chair of the Audit Committee have been updated on the approach being taken this year, and that is consistent with past practice. The Auditor General’s Office 2015-2024 Capital Budget and Plan was presented to the Budget Committee on January 29, 2015.