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The Auditor General initiated this review as a result of a number of complaints received by the City’s Fraud and Waste Hotline. Generally, investigations relating to complaints to the Fraud and Waste Hotline are summarized in our annual report on the activities of the Hotline program and as a result are not reported separately. In this case, in view of the issues identified, we determined that it would be more appropriate to report separately to Audit Committee.

This review was generally concerned with the maintenance of the City’s street sweepers by Fleet Services Division. However, during the review of these specific complaints we identified a number of other issues including issues concerning the Transportation Services Division. This Division is responsible for the operation of the City’s street sweeping services.

This report contains nine recommendations along with a management response to each of the recommendations. The implementation of these recommendations will improve the overall effectiveness of the City’s maintenance practices over equipment and could result in cost savings.