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The Auditor General’s Office conducts an annual follow-up review to determine the implementation status of recommendations in previously issued audit reports. The results of the review are reported to City Council through the Audit Committee.

This report provides information regarding the implementation status of audit recommendations issued to City divisions in Corporate Services and Finance and Treasury Services. Our 2019 follow-up review included 206 outstanding recommendations from audit reports issued between 2005 and 2017 for the following City divisions:
• Accounting Services
• Corporate Real Estate Management
• Environment and Energy
• Financial Planning
• Information and Technology
• Pension, Payroll and Employee Benefits
• Purchasing and Materials Management
• Revenue Services
• 311 Toronto

Our review verified that 24 recommendations (12 per cent) have been fully implemented, 178 recommendations (86 per cent) have been partially implemented and four recommendations (2 per cent) are no longer applicable.

Recommendations reported by management as implemented that the Auditor General determined as not fully implemented

During the current follow-up process, management reported that 87 out of 206 outstanding recommendations were fully implemented. However, based on our review we determined that 63 (72 per cent) of those recommendations have not been fully implemented. Management agreed with our assessments and will take additional actions to fully implement these recommendations.

Continued efforts to implement outstanding recommendations will provide additional benefits to the City such as cost savings, improved controls, and enhanced service delivery.