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This is the second audit conducted by the Toronto Auditor General relating to access, equity and human rights. The overall objective of the audit was to determine the extent to which the City has achieved its access, equity and human rights goals. The audit covered the period from January 2004 to September 2008.

Since our last audit in 2003, the City has made progress in a number of areas and has undertaken numerous new initiatives. In particular, Council direction for City Divisions to develop access, equity and human rights plans has been implemented. This is a significant step in integrating access and equity into City service and operation.

However, a number of other areas can be further improved. To achieve its access, equity and human rights goals, the City needs to enhance its human rights complaint management process, develop a corporate civic engagement strategy, implement a workforce survey, and increase its level of diversity and human rights training.

The City should also look outward to other organizations many of which have invested considerable resources and efforts in making diversity and equity part of their organizational culture. Our audit consisted of a benchmarking component to identify access and equity related practices in six organizations which were recipients of 2008 Canada’s Best Diversity Employer Award. A number of the audit recommendations were made on the basis of practices of these organizations.

Implementation of the recommendations made in this report will assist the City in achieving Corporate access, equity and human rights goals.